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Problems installing sarge on UP2000+


I have an older (4 years) UP2000+ alpha system. It's been running potato,
woody and now sarge. Unfortunately, it's root hard disc finally blew this
morning. This means I need to reinstall (most of) the system. This,
however, was not as easy as I thought.

SRM boots the sarge (and etch) install CD (both the normal and netinst)
just fine, but later on, they all fail to mount the CD to load installer
components. The reason is clear: there is no aic7xxxx module on the
initial ramdisk and both the CD driver and the hard discs are attached to
the adaptec SCSI controller!

How do I work around this? I tried to add the module to the cd, but it
couldn't (besides I could not even FIND the module anywhere - not that I
looked for long since I had no idea how to add it to the disk).

Oh, there is no floppy drive.


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