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Evolution on alpha


I'm running evolution on an Alpha machine with kernel 2.2.19, and have
noticed two issues.

First, there are a lot more evolution-related processes running than on
x86: I have three evolution-alarm-notify processes, four
evolution-data-servers, and about eleven evolutions.  When I log out, I
only have the data servers, and when I kill the first, they all die.
Could it be using processes instead of threads because of alpha, or
because of the 2.2 kernel?  This is not a problem, just something
interesting; evolution-data-server running after logout seems common to
all arches.

Second, when I rsync my data back and forth to home, each time evolution
runs for the first time on the new architecture it spends about two
hours "Storing folder".  Do alpha and x86 have different formats for
metedata files, such that on each switch it needs to recalculate
everything again?  They're both little endian, but would some of the
structures depend on the sizeof long??  This part is a problem...


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