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Request to test a G77 bug on 64-bit platforms

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Hi folks,

Could I request someone to test for the presence of a G77 bug on 64-bit
platforms?  Please install g77 and gcc on a *Sid* machine and ensure
that gcc is a symlink to gcc-4.0 and g77 is a symlink to g77-3.4. Unpack
the attached tarball and run "make" inside, then let me know the
results.  This is a test for GCC PR15937, here:

The result should look something like this:

 funct1: return value =   1.11109996
 in test1: retval from fortran call is   1.11109996
funct2: return value = 1.111100
 in test1: retval from c(float) call is   1.11109996
funct2: return value = 2
 in test1: retval from c(int)   call is  2

If the bug applies on the platform you're testing, then the result of
the fourth line (retval from c(float) call) will instead probably be 0.

MD5sum of the attached tarball should be
7ad4baa09387ad88266c2053a6359911  test.tar.gz

Please also post the output of dpkg -l gcc gcc-4.0 g77 g77-3.4

Finally, please CC all emails to me since I'm not on these lists.


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