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Re: Fwd: USB on alphaserver DS10

On 05/09/2005 09:37:39, Alessandro Riggio wrote:
2005/9/2, gl@decadence.it <gl@decadence.it>:
> apt-get install hotplug
> ?
It is already installed  and it's doesn't work. By the way, we I try
to install the usb-uhci module it fail giving:

machine:/usr/users/riggio# modprobe -v usb-uhci
init_module: No such device
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,

Ciao Alessandro :)

Please give a try to kernel 2.6 which is already rock solid for personal or business use.
I think hotplug only works with 2.6 or it's better tested, anyway.

There are other type of controllers, try loading 'ehci' and 'ohci' too.

I've found this on the freebsd docs: ``Webbrick / Slate''
The USB ports are not supported and disabled by Compaq.
... ``Monet''
If you experience problems trying to use the USB interface please check if the SRM variable usb_enable is set to on. You can change this by performing:

If I recall correctly, the DS10 is a webbrick, so the usb ports shouldn't work (as the docs say) but you could always try to 'set usb_enable on' and see what happens! :)

gl :)

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