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Re: bzip2 unaligned trap

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 09:04:06AM +0200, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> Hello Norbert,

> At 08:00 25.08.2005, you wrote:
> >With this kernel I get permanent unaligned trap errors from bzip2:
> >bzip2(10013): unaligned trap at 00000200000c3074: 00020c5100020c3d 28 1

> >Does anyone know wether this is a hardware or software problem?

> This is a software problem that lies in the ALPHA RISC processor 
> architecture. The processor cannot access memory that is not aligned 
> at boundaries conforming to the datatype to be read/written. The 
> kernel fixes this by doing separate reads/writes that are aligned.
> The only drawback with this is that it is a performance problem.
> To fix this write a bug report for BZIP or the software that 
> generates the problem. But do not exspect that they fix this because 
> alpha is not the main platform and most developers do not have such a 
> processor.

Rather, do not expect this to be fixed unless you can convert the
kernel-level trap into a userspace backtrace that the developers can act on.

Somewhere in the list archive, there are recipes to get a userspace trap for

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