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Re: Kernel 2.6 and SMP


On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 06:23:57PM +0200, Ulrich Teichert wrote: 
> >BTW lockup and SRM: the machine has a "halt" button which of course
> >helps to get into SRM but whatever I do then (like "boot -fl i") it
> >complains about "halt button pressed" and that it can't do anything. I
> >guess that there's some pretty simple magic to convince him besides
> >pressing reset (which takes quite a while). Does anyone know the
> >trick?
> Yeah, releasing the button ;-) At least on my AS4100, once pressed,
> it stays activated (LED is lit) and pressing it again deactivates -
> I can boot then. With the mentioned consequences (crash), however....

Ok, I'm quite sure I released the button ;-) But pressing again sounds
like a good idea... and simple enough so that I'd miss it :)


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