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I'v tried many times to set up root raid to my AlphaServer es40 with no succes. I found some help in these mailinglist archives, but I'm still stuck at the beginning. When I make a clean install the installer allways makes BSD-disklabel "things" to
HD and therefore I can't set partition type to fd (linux raid autodetect).
So is possible at all make software root-raid in my situation? Is there somewere some step-by-step quide or something like that? One good url that I found is:


but there is still so much things that are open, is those disk BSD-labeled, what else have to do before those command to get root-raid work etc. I have make manytimes x86 root-raid machines so the idea is kind a clear for me. Any help? more succes stories and perhaps some good quides/url/mails for me?

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