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Installing a NFS-rooted alpha machine


I am trying to install an alpha machine (alphastation 255) as a nfs-rooted
Debian system. I have created a suitable filesystem on the server with 
debootstrap and am running dhcpd, tftpd and nfsd. The setup appears to 
work for other operating systems, but I cannot find a working image for 
tftp and the boot flags to make things work.

I can get an installer image boot from tftp but it dies complaining about 
invalid root file system with flags:
"root=/dev/nfs rw nfsroot=server-ip:/path ip=dhcp". Trying to use a 
raw kernel fails with SRM complaining "kernel stack not valid halt". 
The aboot-cross package does not seem to contain any utility to make 
a kernel image netbootable.

How should I proceed to boot into my new Debian system? The machine 
does not currently have any cdrom or harddrive installed...

- Einar Karttunen

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