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Re: SRM troubles

A nullmodem cable has two female plugs. Connect two working computers
with the cable and start a terminal with identical settings on each, e.g
9600,8,1,n. If you type any text in one terminal, it should appear on
the other side. If it does, it's a nullmodem cable or some magic.

Regards, Adrian.

simon@cliffestones.demon.co.uk wrote:
>>One more idea - is it possible that the machine is set up to use a serial
>>console?  Maybe that is supported under SRM and not AlphaBIOS, which is why
>>the display worked under AlphaBIOS.  Mine was set to use the serial console
>>when I got it.  I used a null modem cable between the XP1000 and a second
>>machine and ran minicom on the second machine.  You could try that and see if
>>you get anything in minicom when you power cycle it.
> Is there an easy way to tell, if a serial cable is a null modem cable? We have serial cables at work and occasionally null modem cables are bought by mistake. Nobody seems to know how to tell which is which though.
> Thanks
> Simon.

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