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Re: Aieee Seti

Hello Steve

If I feed ksymoops the following output is given:

>>RA;  fffffffc0021ceb4 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+374/460>

>>PC;  fffffffc0021ceb4 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+374/460>   <=====

Trace; fffffc00003186a4 <get_wchan+2ed4/2f60>
Trace; fffffc00003197c8 <free_irq+5d8/6c0>
Trace; fffffc000032ae3c <pci_dac_dma_to_offset+8d6c/b160>
Trace; fffffc0000319ff4 <disable_irq_nosync+2c4/3090>
Trace; fffffc00003135b8 <__kernel_execve+490/cb8>

Code;  fffffffc0021ce9c <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+35c/460>
0000000000000000 <_PC>:
Code;  fffffffc0021ce9c <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+35c/460>
   0:   01 00 ba 27       ldah gp,1(ra)
Code;  fffffffc0021cea0 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+360/460>
   4:   dc 2b bd 23       lda  gp,11228(gp)
Code;  fffffffc0021cea4 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+364/460>
   8:   c6 ff ff c3       br   ffffffffffffff24 <_PC+0xffffffffffffff24>
Code;  fffffffc0021cea8 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+368/460>
   c:   1f 04 ff 47       nop
Code;  fffffffc0021ceac <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+36c/460>
  10:   00 00 fe 2f       unop
Code;  fffffffc0021ceb0 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+370/460>
  14:   3d 00 40 d3       bsr  ra,10c <_PC+0x10c>
Code;  fffffffc0021ceb4 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+374/460>   <=====
  18:   40 02 09 b0       stl  v0,576(s0)   <=====
Code;  fffffffc0021ceb8 <[qlogicisp]isp1020_intr_handler+378/460>
  1c:   bb ff ff c3       br   ffffffffffffff0c <_PC+0xffffffffffffff0c>

The kernel I'm running is an official Debian kernel:

Linux version 2.4.27-1-smp (tretkowski@guybrush) (gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-2)) #1 SMP Thu Dec 2 08:58:06 CET 2004

The machine is a DS 7305.

Do I have to file the bug against kernel-image-2.4.27-alpha? I don't find the coresponding kernel-image-2.4.27-1-smp package, there is only kernel-image-2.4.27-2-smp, which is not on my system.(?)

Regards, Adrian.

Steve Langasek wrote:

It's caused by a kernel bug.  You will need to run the above oops through
the command ksymoops (package: ksymoops) to identify where in the kernel the
crash is happening.  If you're running a current Debian kernel, you should
then file a bug report so that the kernel maintainers can look at it.  If
you're not running a current Debian kernel, then you should install one to
see if the problem goes away. ;)

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