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debian alpha on DEC 3000


A hackish port of linux 2.4 for DEC 3000/300 is now available. It's
based on 2.4.17 and has been tested on a 3000/300X. Kernel source tree
and aboot are available on http://people.debian.org/~p2/. 

The following peripherals might work (ie. seem to work for me) :

+ Zilog SCC serial ports
+ onboard LANCE ethernet
+ onboard PMAGB-B style graphics

All other peripherals won't work at this time. 

WARNING : This is largely untested alpha code. Be aware that this code
might possibly corrupt your flash ROM effectively killing the machine.
This has happened to me once already. The DEC 3000/300 has a jumper to
write protect the flash (See ek-d3sys-pm page 1-5). I strongly recommend
to set this jumper to write protected. I'm not responsible for broken
boards. You use this code on your own risk.


+ Port 2.6
+ Write generic Turbo Channel layer
+ Port drivers to 2.6 
+ Add support for the 400,500,600,700,800 and 900 models
+ fix bugs :)
+ ...

Happy hacking,

Peter (p2).

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