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Has anyone else been using Reiser4 with Alpha?

I've been using it for a while, but only just realized that it generated tons 
of alignment fixups - during intense operation, it can be hundreds of 
thousands per second.

I was wondering why kernel compiles were so slow - they would basically lock 
my machine up.  At first I thought it was an ide thing - until recently I had 
only been using scsi drives.

Has anyone else seen this?  So, far I have managed to find and kill a few of 
them - just wan't sure if anyone else had seen this.

In most cases it has been caused by bit-arrays allocated with an unaligned 
base  and then accesses 8bytes at a time = always unaligned (ouch!)

I did a large file copy and afterwards I had added 4billion kernel alignment 
fixups. :-) (took about 40minuted for the file copy - ~20GB - I knew it 
should've gone faster than that).


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