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Re: what scsi card to buy ?

On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 14:06:42 -0500 "James D. Freels" <freelsjd@ornl.gov> wrote:

> My pc164lx machine is getting old, but it is still great for our backup
> and file server.
> I have recently purchased a new Exabyte 1U packet-loader to use with
> this machine.
> I have come to realize that in order to get this device to work
> correctly, I need a separate scsi card on the machine.
> I currently have one ncr53c875 card.  
> Where might I get another one now or similar that will work with this
> Alpha machine ?
> I have found an LSIU80ALVD card for $70.  Will this work on this Alpha ?

This appears to be a 53C895A based card.  I have used a 53C895 card
in my LX without problems.  SRM 5.8-1 sees it and will boot from it.
I'm not sure what the A chip suffix signfies.  As long as you can return
it, I'd give it a shot.

FYI, I have also used a SYMC1010 based card in the LX.  SRM sees
it and boots from it as well.


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