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loadmodules file in initrd.img contains 'modprobe qlogicisp' - WAS: Please test new kernel-image-2.6.10-alpha packages (fwd)


On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Norbert Tretkowski wrote:

  > - s/^isp1020$/qlogicisp/; t
  > + s/^isp1020$/qla1280/; t
  > So, it's just replacing 'qlogicisp' with 'qla1280', then rebuild the
  > initrd[0] and reboot.
  > Norbert
  > [0]: mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd-2.6.10-1-generic /lib/modules/initrd-2.6.10-1-generic/

I mounted the image to the loopback device, and found that the 'loadmodules'
file *still* contains qlogicisp:

fchelp:/mnt/tmp# cat loadmodules
modprobe -k  tgafb > /dev/null 2>&1
modprobe -k  fbcon 2> /dev/null
modprobe -k  unix 2> /dev/null
modprobe -k  sym53c8xx
modprobe -k  qla1280
modprobe -k  qlogicisp
modprobe -k  sd_mod

Could this be what is causing the problem?

Can I remove it by-hand from the 'loadmodules' file (via loopback), or will
this break things?

Toni Harbaugh-Blackford                   harbaugh@abcc.ncifcrf.gov
System Administrator
Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC)
National Cancer Institute
Contractor - SAIC/Frederick

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