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Re: mkinitrd/modprobe doesn't find sym53c8xx_2 (was Re: Built 2.6.8 kernel without ext3 bug and working qlogic driver)

* Uwe Schindler wrote:
> Seems to be something with the module name:
> * In 2.4.27 the module is called: sym53c8xx_2(.o)
> * In 2.6.x it is called: sym53c8xx(.ko)
> mkinitrd looks which scsi controllers are currently running and tries to 
> put them into initrd.img. This does not work because:
> alpha:/# modprobe sym53c8xx_2
> FATAL: Module sym53c8xx_2 not found. <-- he got this name from 2.4.27
> alpha:/# modprobe sym53c8xx  <-- he should test that
> alpha:/#

Please file a bugreport against initrd-tools

> So this is a update problem from 2.4. to 2.6, the same like with
> changing the qlogicisp to qla1280.



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