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Memory for AlphaStation 500

Quick question, what type of memory does an AlphaStation 500 take? Mine
currently has 4x32MBs, I would like to upgrade it to 256MB or 512MB total.

>From my research, looking at the system itself, decoding the numbers on
the current RAM chips, and doing some web searches, I surmise that it
needs ECC EDO 5V 60ns 168pin DIMMs. Is this correct? Any recommendations
on where to find it? 

The ECC/Parity comes from the 18 chips on the current DIMMs (32MB). The
EDO comes from web searches mentioning both buffered and EDO for this
system, and never just FPM. The 60nS comes from the memory chip number,
HY5116400BJ-60, on the current DIMMs. The 168pin comes from physical form
factor. And the 5V comes in part from the chip number and that any other
DIMMs (all 3.3V) do not fit in the slot due to the alignment of the
notches. I also know the DIMMs are needed in quads.


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