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2.6.8-1-generic kernel on Alphastation 500/500 still without EXT3, mm/slab.c bug, no LVM

Installed today 2.6.8-1 on my Alphastation 500/500 over 2.4.27-1-generic (only thing was that apt-get did not change the symlinks to initrd.img and vmlinuz in /boot, done by hand). System came up but there were 3 problems:

a) The mm/slab.c kernel BUG also occurs on this machine
b) / partition which is originally ext3 was mounted as ext2, other partitions which are ext3 did not mount at all c) LVM 1 volume groups did not start. "/etc/init.d/lvm start" displays that module "lvm" is not found. Do I have to update to lvm2 after installing kernel 2.6 ?

Now switched back to 2.4.27.


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