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Re: USB Hardware

On 05/12/2004 20:30:30, Allen Ziegenfus wrote:
> just remember not to use 64bit slots on Miata for
> anything else than video cards.

Why is that? Does this apply to other alphas as well? I have a PC164LX
and I've found that the only PCI card that works in any of the slots
is my video card. I've tried a Soundblaster sound card and a 3com NIC
and each ones hangs the whole machine when I try to load drivers.

It is a very well known bug in the Pyxis chipset in early Miata PWSs.
It is a bug into the PCI64-to-PCI32 bridge which was fixed in later MiataGL model. I found this information among others in the alphalinux.org and netbsd.org documentation. I don't know anythign about 164LX, but if you take a look around those sites you should find some hints about your hardware.

gl :)

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