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Re: updated kernels / miata sound?

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 05:11:24PM -0500, Tyson Whitehead wrote:
> On November 26, 2004 04:55 pm, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > Also, sound on Miata is borked. I believe its a known problem and
> > > that a patch was posted here a while ago. Are there any plans to
> > > incorporate that patch or get it fixed upstream?
> >
> > Neither my memory nor a quick google search turns up any promising hits
> > over the past year.  You would probably need to run this question by
> > debian-kernel as well, since they're the ones responsible for kernel
> > maintenance -- you might also want to provide more information about the
> > specifics of your sound hardware, as I don't know if a reference to Miata
> > will tell them any more than it told me.
> That was probably me.  I posted the following in an email a bit ago (Re: 
> ES18xx with alsa-sound and kernel-2.6.x ?):
> The Alpha version of the DMA interface functions in the kernel are not 
> compliant with the x86 ones in later 2.6 kernels (passing a NULL pointer as 
> the dev is suppose to indicate the ISA bus).
> There's a patch on my machine (whitehead.apmaths.uwo.ca/~tyson -- 
> alpha-isa.patch) if you want.  I was going to get some more input on it and 
> submit it (making kernel patches is a little out of my league -- should be 
> okay though as it hasn't given me any problems and it was really pretty 
> straight forward).  Haven't had the time yet.

Your alpha-isa.patch works great for me.  My ISA SB AWE64 on my lx164
has been working fine for months thanks to it.


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