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Re: Bug#280213: exim4: Thinks it's always out of spool space

On 2004-11-08 John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
> erwin:~# grep -2 -E 'stat.*/var/spool/exim4' /tmp/traceout
> getxpid()                               = 18039
> write(2, "18039 SMTP<< MAIL FROM:<jgoerzen"..., 60) = 60
> statfs("/var/spool/exim4", {f_type="REISERFS_SUPER_MAGIC",
> f_fbsize=4096, f_blocks=293066, f_bfree=55410, f_bavail=55410,
> f_files=0, f_ffree=0, f_fsid={0, 0}, f_namelen=255, f_frsize=4096}) = 0
> getxpid()                               = 18039

Hmm, strange, why doesn't it use statfs64? Is there some special magic
on alpha to disable the effects of "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE"? (It does use stafs64 on ix86)
                  cu andreas
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