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Re: DEC 3000 problems


>First, the second flash is mapped at 0x1.a000.0000, not at 0x1.e000.0000
>as I posted in my first mail.

Actually, I am impressed that you found this information at all. I've
searched through the programming manual and found nothing about it.

>Looking at the 2 prom regions, 1 seems to be empty (the one at
>0x1.8000.0000) and contains data (the one at 0x1.a000.0000). Can someone
>with a working DEC 3000 verify this ? (exa 180000000 -N:32 and exa
>1a0000000 -N:32) I don't think they are interleaved like on the VAX.=20

Here's the output of my 300X:

>>> exa 180000000 -N:32
  PMEM: 00000001.80000000 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000004 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000008 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000000C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000010 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000014 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000018 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000001C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000020 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000024 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000028 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000002C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000030 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000034 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000038 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000003C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000040 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000044 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000048 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000004C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000050 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000054 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000058 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000005C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000060 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000064 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000068 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000006C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000070 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000074 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000078 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000007C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000080 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000084 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000088 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000008C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000090 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000094 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.80000098 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.8000009C FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000A0 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000A4 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000A8 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000AC FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000B0 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000B4 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000B8 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000BC FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000C0 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000C4 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.800000C8 FFFFFFFF

>>> exa 1a0000000 -N:32
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000000 01100404
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000004 FFAA0055
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000008 302E3756
  PMEM: 00000001.A000000C 20202020
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000010 20434544
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000014 20202020
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000018 494C4550
  PMEM: 00000001.A000001C 204F495F
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000020 48504C41
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000024 FFFFFFFF
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000028 01010170
  PMEM: 00000001.A000002C 00034DA8
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000030 525F4F49
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000034 20204D4F
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000038 20202020
  PMEM: 00000001.A000003C 0000021F
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000040 00029DC0
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000044 00000000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000048 0003CDA0
  PMEM: 00000001.A000004C 00000000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000050 80044000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000054 00000000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000058 23DEFFD8
  PMEM: 00000001.A000005C B77E0000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000060 B43E0008
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000064 B45E0010
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000068 B47E0018
  PMEM: 00000001.A000006C B49E0020
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000070 A43B0028
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000074 B0300000
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000078 A43B0030
  PMEM: 00000001.A000007C B0300004
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000080 A43B0038
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000084 B0300008
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000088 A43B0040
  PMEM: 00000001.A000008C B030000C
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000090 A43B0048
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000094 B0300010
  PMEM: 00000001.A0000098 A43B0050
  PMEM: 00000001.A000009C B0300014
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000A0 A43B0058
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000A4 B0300018
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000A8 A43B0060
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000AC B030001C
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000B0 A43B0068
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000B4 B0300020
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000B8 A43B0070
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000BC B0300024
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000C0 A43B0078
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000C4 B0300028
  PMEM: 00000001.A00000C8 A43B0080

So, it looks like you are right.

>> So from here, I guess you've got these alternatives:
>> 	- Rip off the ROMs (or solder them out) and check (for sure) if
>> 	  the ROMs show up in memory space intermixed or
>> 	  one-after-the-other, and simply re-program them externally.
>I'm afraid I don't have the soldering skills to desolder QFPs properly.

I've had an off-list conversation with Jan-Benedict Glaw and if all
fails, he would have a go.

>> 	- If they're not intermixed, you may have a chance with
>> 	  DEPOSITing values to flash them.

Does a DEPOSIT command care what type of target it has? I mean, I'm surely
not a hardware guy (being at home in UNIX userspace for ugh... 20 years,
I am certainly not), but writing in a flash EPROM is a bit different
than writing in a DRAM, right? So why should it work?

>> 	- Could you send me the ROM's contents? Either a firmware
>> 	  updateing program or a EXAMINEd ROM dump would do. DEC did
>> 	  some cool things to their desktop machine's ROMs: they
>> 	  possibly contain some ID bytes at their start (within the
>> 	  first kilobyte IIRC) so you can find out how they're connected
>> 	  to the address decoder. Just use EXAMINE with /n:xxx of write
>> 	  an Alpha backend for the firmware dumper I wrote for my VAXen
>> 	  (it's already prepared for accepting other backends, find it
>> 	  at
>> 	  http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/linux-vax/usr/firmware_dumper/)

I'm taking an examine dump of the PROM region 1a0000000 at the moment,
just give me a call when you'll need it. It will take a while until
it's finished, though ;-)

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