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samba broken for Debian/Woody backport for the alpha

Package: samba and related sub-packages
Version: >= 3.0.6*

Starting at 3.0.6, samba packages backported to Woody (as all previous
packages had been before) for the Alpha architecture produced this bug. 
I have tried both the 3.0.6* and 3.0.7 series and they both have this

The bug is that the files on a Windows client that show up in the
directory cannot be displayed, edited, or accessed in any way.  They are
locked out.  This basically makes the package totally unusable.

The package compiles and builds .deb files without any alteration of the
source as backported from 

deb-src http://www.backports.org/debian stable samba

or alternatively.

deb-src http://de.samba.org/samba/ftp/bin-pkgs/Debian/samba3/ stable

These apt-get sources produce reliable packages for versions <=3.0.5

This bug does not appear on the i386 architecture for Debian/Sid
(unstable) or backported to Debian/Woody (stable).  I do not have a
machine to test Debian/Sid for the alpha for this bug, but I highly
suspect it does exist.

As a work around, I reinstalled the backported 3.0.5 packages for the
alpha.  I could also revert back to the Woody packages that also contain
some of the security updates contained up through 3.0.7 series of samba.

James D. Freels, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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