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RE: reiser4 kernel patch....

It was actually a build problem - a cassert() in coord.c triggers an odd
switch statement error (by design).

Essentially the author is trying to make certain that no new members were
added to the coord_t type.

At least in my environment, it failed to take into account that structure
packing on Alpha is by default different than on x86 machines.

I was able to add " __attribute__((packed))" to the end of the coord
structure and have it build (and work) fine.

I just wasn't sure where to report this, since it was contained in the
debian reiser4 patch to the debian 2.6.8 kernel sources.


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> I was trying out the reiser4 kernel patch and ran in a build-time
> assert on my Alpha machine.

I compiled stock with the mm4 (Andrew Morton -- includes Reiser 4) 
patch set.  Didn't have any compile time problems.  Don't actually try the 
resulting drivers though, so don't know about runtime.

Maybe you want to try that.  I also have a vague recollection, from reading 
newsgroups, about something about needing to having to have the new 8K
enabled (or something like that) -- don't know any details.

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