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'subversion' in 'building' state since June 10?


The 'subversion' package version 1.0.5-1 has been in the 'building'
state since June 10th [1].  That is two weeks ago and the last build
took 1 hour to complete on alpha.  I understand that lully had
problems recently, perhaps that accounts for the slow progress.  I
wonder what, if anything, should be done to help this process move
forward.  From what I can tell lully is back up and building, perhaps
subversion needs to be re-queued?



[1] : http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=alpha&state=Building
devel/subversion_1.0.5-1: Building by rmurray-lully
  Previous state was Needs-Build until 2004 Jun 10 18:25:26

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