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Re: Sarge install problem

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 09:15:20AM +1000, Jonathan Kelly wrote:

> >Yes. Since noone stepped up to add support for milo in d-i, only SRM
> >is supported. If milo works, it is by chance :-)). Volunteers for this
> >are, of course, welcome. Unless you cannto switch, I'd strongly
> >suggest SRM though, especially if you are installing afresh. Mmmh,
> >sorry, I just see you have a Ruffian, then of course, SRM is not an
> >option.

> If it's not too late, I'll step up. I'm not sure what that would
> involve, but I've got the machine to test it on, and it would seem
> most of the work has been done for Woody. Anyway, let me know, as I
> was just about to put that machine onto eBay.

For Debian to support MILO in the sarge installer, we would need someone
to be willing to create a milo package for Debian (probably based on
Linux 2.0 sources) that will build from source using only tools in main,
and provide milo binaries for each of the alpha subarchitectures that
will be supported.  If you can get this far, I can easily help you with 
the rest of the integration process.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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