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Re: Alpha installation

Aneesh Kumar K.V wrote:

I am trying to install testing on a Alpha system using netboot images (http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/d-i/images/daily/netboot/ ) . While running the partitioner it is complaining that aboot need /boot to be an ext2 file system. Even after creating /boot as ext2 i am still getting the same error message. Choosing to yes or no also doesn't work.

If you want to have 1 large ext3 partition, during the partitioner create your 3 1 MB partitions at the end of your drive. Then create a .5 MB partition and the start of the drive. Next delete the 3 1 MB partitions at the end of the drive. Create an ext3 partition at the start of the drive ?? MB or ?? GB minus the swap-space. Then create the swap-space. After delete the .5 MB at the start of the drive. Now you should have a .5 blank space at the start of the drive. a ext3 partition and a swap-space. finish the installation and after the aboot-installer fails go to the main-manu and select the skip aboot installer. goto vt2 or boot from a rescue disk and type chroot /target OR mount /dev/??? as / . type "swriteboot -c1 /dev/??? /boot/bootlx" where c is the partition number and /dev/??? is the dev name. DONT REBOOT. Now goto /etc and edit aboot.conf. "nano aboot.conf" change the first luncommented to "0:1/vmlinuz ro /initrd=initrd.img root=/dev/???" where 0"1 is going to be the "-flags 0" after you type "boot ???" at the SRM and the 1 is the partition number like /dev/hda1. Now reboot.

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