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problems w/ X


A short history of my problem...

LX164 machine was running X just fine. I updated some package (from "testing") and X stopped working. In hindsight all I needed to do was add the bus identifier for my card to XF86Config-4, but I didn't figure that out until I had really caused harm to the system :-)

Instead, what I did was "apt-cache search" for all installed packages that might have anything to do with X, and then "apt-get remove'd" them. I figured I'd remove everything and then reinstall them and everything should be back to normal.

Certainly a heavy-handed approach, but I thought it would work.

Well it didn't.

If I try to do "startx" from a prompt, it starts flickering the screen and then it just displays a black screen and locks the system down completely. Keyboard is completely ignored and the system is not accessible via the network. Power/reset buttons are the only responsive inputs.

The XFree86 log looks like things are going reasonably well - a few modules are not found - but I assume that this is because I specified too many when xserver-xfree86 was configured and this should not be causing a problem (correct me if I'm wrong). The kernel log does show XFree86 causing 4 unaligned traps and that is the end of the log (before the next boot sequence). So maybe these traps are causing problems?

This is for both a 2.4 kernel and a 2.6.5 kernel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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