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Installing on an LX164 - what's wrong here?

I'm trying to put debian on several old lx164 machines we have here at my lab. When I try to install from CD, I go to OS selection Setup, create a new entry, whose bootloader is CD: \milo\linload.exe and whose OS path is CD: \milo\lx164 . However, when I hit enter it tells me it cannot find \milo\lx164 (though it is definitely there), though it can find the linload.exe on the CD. (and if I try to boot anyyway, it boots me into the MILO console, instead of the installation system). Any ideas what's causing this, and how I can fix it?

The System specs, according to BIOS are:
System Type: AlphaPC 164LX

Processor: Digital Alpha 21164, revision 7.2
Speed: 533 MHz
Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 256 MB

Floppy Drive A:  3.5" 1.44 MB
Floppy Drive B: 5.25" 1.2 MB [ - this seems to be a lie - I see no 5.25" drive anywhere]
Keyboard: US 101-key keyboard

AplhaBIOS Version: 5.66-1 981023.0857

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