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installing Debian on AS 1000A


I'm in deep trouble in installing Debian from CD on my first ever Alpha system, AS 1000A 4/266, for the first time in my life. I'm just a beginner in this Debian-Alpha business. My problem is when I issue command like this (dka400 is my CD-ROM drive):

>>> boot  dka400 -flags 0

to boot and install from the CD, it's getting stuck. It starts with several checking and after that all the letters become blue (from normal white on black background) and then it prints this:

6bfa8001        ret zero,(ra)
2fe00000        ldq_u zero,0(v0)
a6f00040        ldq t9,64 (a0)
*a0370010     ldl t0,16(t9)
40e01642 s8addqt6,0,t1 Trace: 3102c0 3102d8 3102c0 310888 3102c0 31085c 310838 3102c0 31085c 3102c0

and then waitting for ages.
If I only use  "boot dka400" it returns me "aboot>" prompt after a while.
Any idea what's wrong?

Thanks in advance!!!

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