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What's best to serve on Debian Woody Alpha?


I'm a long running Tru64 UNIX guru who's just recently
been retrenched from that role. I'm also a Linux
engineer (RHCE).

I have with me a Digital Server 5000 (recognised as a
1000A from memory) with a 533Mhz cpu and 512Mb of ram.
It's a pretty good box and I just installed Debian
Woody (Alpha) version on it.

I'm wondering, what's best to use (serve to people) on
this type of host? I run a small on-line company also
which provides webhosting, etc but I do alot of that
on x86 Linux hardware using a mix of Red Hat and
Fedora Core releases.

I'd like to use this Debian Alpha box for something
worthwhile on-line, to provide to my clients some sort
of service - it hasn't seen its end of days yet and is
still running fine.

Any ideas or suggestions on what I should be looking

Appreciate any comments.


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