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[abuse@frontiernet.net] Request Received

Thank you for contacting the FrontierNet's Security and Abuse
Department. We have received your request, and will process it in the
order it was received.

This email address (abuse@frontiernet.net / abuse@citlink.net) is only
for reporting spam originating from a FrontierNet account.

Please note: we cannot investigate messages without full email headers.
For information on reporting procedures, and information regarding
spam/UCE, please see the following URL:


Also, the use of SpamCop ( http://www.spamcop.net ) is highly

Thank you for contacting FrontierNet!

FrontierNet/CitLink Security and Abuse Department

* Please note: Sending multiple emails concerning the same issue is
*              unnecessary. Frontier will contact you, at our discretion,
*              if further information is required.

Contact Email Addresses:

To report spam originating from FrontierNet: abuse@frontiernet.net
Security violations, issues, and questions: security@frontiernet.net


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