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Re: Compile OK but no network

Thus spake Conny Enström:
> I just compiled a new kernel but the network does not work.
> DEC network support was compiled with the kernel.
> It's working with the old kernel so the module exist for the DECchip 21040
> ethernet card.
> How do I set up the network card again?
> The problem is to find the exact name of the module, the is something like
> de4x5 or tulip.
> But 'modprobe tulip' or 'modprobe de4x5' don't work.

Using the tulip driver worked for me, but you might also try the
de2104x driver - it's specifically for the 2104x cards, you might have
better luck with it.

Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

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