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Gov't Money for you Need some cash?

Qualifying for a m0ney grant is simple.

See if this works for you - see us t0day:

Best Wishes,
Rodrick Nolan

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Hey, Billy, he said. Remember that scene in 'Jaws'? You know, the one where those guys get to comparing their scars?We'll call you, Cath said. Come and stay.Don't 'come on' me. I never get the breaks Billy-boy and do you want to know why?I got to take a leak.Jim was in the yard opening the gate. He stood and watched as we threw the bags in the trunk.Please Jim, she said. Not now. Her spindly fingers scuttled to her neck and she gave Cath a shy little hug, like it mightn't be accepted.A drink! said Jim, clapping his hands - a loud pop that made Marion jump. What an excellent idea. A drink. Now why didn't I think of that? He swung open a door next to the fridge; the cupboard was stacked with bottles of store-brand bourbon.*Oh, yes. I was just saying to Cath it's really good to meet her and Bill after all this time. I mean, the phone is all right and we have some pictures, but this is better. I like family.Billy-boy. How you doin'? He smiled. Well, don't wait out there. Welcome 
 to Harper's. He swept his arm out grandly. I signed Cath to come up to the house.I held my arms wide. He put his around me, but there was no softness to him. He pushed me away and rubbed his sleeve across his eyes. We stood facing each other. I tried to think of something to say to get him to laugh, imagined his face breaking into one of the gap-toothed smiles that used to dazzle the girls: nothing came.A saw?

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