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Kernel Panic at installation on XL-300

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the questions of yet another newbie.
It is my first encounter w/ the alpha architecture and obviously i am finding some difficulties. I am trying to install woody from cd on my fantastic XL-300 & its 2Gb hd. My Cdrom drive is /dev/sr0. Following the instruction from the installation manual & with the help of this list archives & the MILO how-to I finally got to a stage at which i get the MILO prompt.
I then pass the arg. boot sr0:/boot/linux root=/dev/sr0 load_ramdisk=1
(Please DO correct me if i am wrong)
At which stage i get all the various messages up to this error:
Kernel Panic, unable to mount root fs on 00:00

My wild guess is i do smtg wrong from the start but I have been trying various things for the last few hours and some pointers would really be helful at this stage.


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