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Getting Post Codes


Here is a series of several questions that I have been unsuccessful in finding an answer to (I probably don't know what to call it correctly so my searches don't turn up anything). This seem to me to be pretty basic, and it's probably sitting in a FAQ somewhere that is eluding me(laughing in the process, no doubt).

I have an pc164, and I've seen various posts that show a series of post codes the board spits out in order to help aid in diagnosis hardware problems which they appear to retrieve via a serial connection. My question is how do I get these? Does it use one of the serial ports or does it have something to do with the rj45-ish srom port on the motherboard? This board currently has AlphaBIOS as it's firmware. Would obtaining the post codes be the similar on an 164lx board(future "upgrade")?

Now if there are any "special" cables that are needed, is there anywhere I can find out how to make them?

Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide,
even if it's pointing my to a more appropriate place for my inquiry.

Philip Thiem -- Icequake.net Administrator
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