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Re: DAC960 Alpha support (was: Re: Redhat 7.2 on a DEC ALPHA 2100)

Hello everyone (sespecially Jay!)
I'm a little confused on the model/firmware:
I just bought a DAC960PU-3 (D040397) thinking that I could replace the
non-ultra PD that I have without problems. But the card just arrived,
and it has two bios chips - 3.51 firmware version.  While I am confident
I could put root on it, will I be able to actually boot to an array on
this card (as I do with my currnt setup) with the 3.5 firmware as
opposed to the DEC 2.7 firmware?  My system is an AS1200.

BTW, if i can't use this dual chip setup, can the chips be repolaced
with a single chip with the 2.7 firmware?

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 11:52:16AM -0500, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> Unfortunately, I believe that that particular DAC960 may not be
> supported on Alpha by the Linux driver even with updated ROM(S), or
> even if it can be updated with newer ROM(S). I have had trouble with
> later PCI DAC960s with P/No D040340, even when updated to DEC custom
> firmware 2.70 (see below); the driver just doesn't seem to work
> correctly. Unfortunately, I've not had time to look more closely at
> the problem.
> One can download from the following HP site firmware upgrades (to DEC
> custom version 2.70, ie single EEPROM) for some of the older DAC960
> cards (see table below), along with documentation and the RAID
> Configuration Utility (RCU) that can be run from ARC/AlphaBIOS
> consoles on our Alphas.
>   http://h18002.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/products/storage/ra230/index.html
> Several small tweaks must be made to current Linux sources to allow:
> 1. the Linux DAC960 driver to work with DEC custom version 2.70 firmware,
> 2. using DAC960-based RAID disks as root.
> To this purpose, find attached at the end patches against 2.4.21-pre4,
> based on some patches posted by Richard Muratti <rmurat@attglobal.net>
> to the debian-alpha-list. These will most likely apply reasonably well
> to other kernel 2.4.x versions, but are not intended for 2.5.x.
> There may be, occasionally, "misleading" messages from the DAC960
> driver when used with the DEC custom firmware version 2.70.  I've seen
> some that claimed that existing drives were "DEAD", but they worked
> just fine. There may be more, so - YOU ARE WARNED!!!
> If a RAID volume is initialized using "fdisk" to BSD-style partition
> table, leaving ~5MB unused space at the beginning (for the "aboot"
> bootstrap to be installed, via "swriteboot"), our SRM consoles will be
> able to boot from that volume.
> The following DAC960 models have been successfully used with the
> modified Linux driver and the updated custom firmware version 2.70:
> 	Part No		MYLEX name	DEC name
> 	-------		----------	--------
> 	D040347		DAC960PD-1	KZPSC 1 channel
> 	D040348		DAC960PD-2	KZPSC 2 channels
> 	D040349		DAC960PD-3	KZPSC 3 channels
> 	D040395		DAC960PU-1	KZPAC 1 channel
> 	D040396		DAC960PU-2	KZPAC 2 channels
> 	D040397		DAC960PU-3	KZPAC 3 channels
> Note that KZPSC is Fast/Wide, while KZPAC will run Ultra/Wide, IIRC.
> Good luck, and please let me know of any problems.
>  --Jay++
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