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two de422 cards with depca module

Hi all,

I finally figured out the eisa io port values i have to pass to the depca
module in order to get the cards initialised on my jensen.

Now, i have two cards, one on irq=5 io=0x2c00 and one on irq=10 io=0x4c00
and am unable to load the module in a way to have both recognized &

If i load each of them manually, they both work ok. If i try to load the
second card after the first one is loaded, modprobe just returns with exit
status 0 and nothing in the logs.

I wasnt able to pass argumets for both cards to the modprobe; it always
complains about too many parameters for irq (max=1). 

Any ideas on how to make both cards work together?

Sarge from yesterday, 2.4.23.


Jure Pečar

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