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Re: ccc vs. gcc today

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> Yes, rebuilding key libraries, as well as the kernel, for a specific
> CPU/platform should help a good bit, if my results of a small GENTOO
> install are any indication...
> But, CCC is difficult, if not impossible, to use on some packages,
> notably GLIBC and XFree86, as best I can remember.

I can say that Xfree86 isn't impossible to compile with ccc.
As I have done it, not newer only older versions.

X4.1.0 were last what I tried and succesfully compiled with ccc, speedup
were notable sometimes.
Of course there will be more notable speedup if windowmanager is compiled
too with ccc.
I didn't do that wm compiling so it might slow down.

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