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Re: Newbie

Rodolfo was previously thought to have uttered:

> what RAID card do you have in the Alpha? is it the DAC960? if so, you have to
> upgrade the firmware to 2.7something - i forget exactly, it's been a while.
> i've only gotten the ACU utility from compaq to work from the alphabios (though
> perhaps someone here has gotten to work SRM).

I've read a number of things about the need to upgrade my DAC960 card to 
2.73 and my question is, how do I go about doing this?  The firmware
upgrade file that I found was an .EXE file, so I'm assuming that this is
a DOS/Windows executable.  Does this mean that I need to mount the DAC960
in a x86 box to perform the upgrade?  Any help would be greatly 
appreciated as I recently came into 3 DEC Alpha 2100 boxes, each with a
nice RAID array and an accompanying DAC960 card.

Louis Zirkel III (lzirkel@cendev.com)
Century Development Solutions

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