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Re: Video Card for PC164

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 10:31:04PM -0700, Greg wrote:
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> Hello.
> Can you guys recommend a nice video card for me to put in a DEC ALPHA
> PC164 PCI.  I have a crazy ass ACCELL Graphics Eclipse card in there
> now and there will never be any drivers for it.  Unless of course,
> I've missed a resource.  (wouldn't be first time)  I'm looking for
> something decent, but this is my second machine, and obviously not a
> gamer.  But X 'should' always look as good as it can.
> Oh yeah..  I may have an ACCELL Graphics Eclipse video card w/16mb
> RAM on it for sale/trade.  I'm dying to find a license of TRUE64 to
> play with.

You can get one from HP, it's (nearly) free of charge for private use.

> Thanks.
> greg_at_meatplow.com


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