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sound on UP1500

Hi there,

I have a up1500 with stock woody 2.2 kernel, when booting it detects the
sound as SB however no sound emits from my speakers. While trawling google I
see that someone possibly mentioned a sound problem with these type of
motherboards(nautilus up1100 etc)
pre 2.4 kernels. Is this so? Or do I have a hardware problem. PCI soundcards
are fairly cheap so if I have no alternative....

There doesn't seem to be any mention of any actual sound hardware in dmesg
apart from the SB comment. Can anyone post a dmesg for a up1100 or up1500 so
I can compare. I have seen a dmesg for another up1500 but that was freebsd
so I'm not sure.

Anyway thanks for any help.

PS I've had problems compiling 2.4+ kernels on this particular machine in
the past but if that's what it takes I'll have another go.

Kind regards,

Peter Watkinson

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