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Re: Debian Insatll Compaq XP 1000

Can you boot with bf24 ? I don't  know if that is an option for the
alpha, but  you can give it try.

i would disconnect the second hdd, install with 2.2.20, switch to 2.4.x
and reconnect the hdd. Building boot-floopies will take much much more.
I did that several times.


On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 04:25:18PM -0300, Marcio Gustavo Di Vernieri Cuppari wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to install debian woody on a Compaq XP 1000. Tried te CD but 
> the ssytem freezes when probing the second SCSI disk. I tried a floppy 
> instalation with the same problem.
> Also tried to compile a kernel for this machine (2.4.22) and this time 
> there was no problem probing the SCSI hardware (the SCSI controller is a 
> Qlogic ISP1020 and the problem was solved using the iqslogic module).
> The probelma now is when using the root disk it gives a lot of weird 
> messages about no being able to find the tail comand. I think the 
> problem is that the root disk was created for a 2.2.20 kernel.
> Does anyone know how to create the install floppies from scratch?
> Thanks in advance
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