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Re: SIGFPE and -mieee

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 09:25:17PM -0400, Tyson Whitehead wrote:
> ifeq ($(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE),alpha-linux)
>   export CFLAGS+=-mieee
>   export CXXFLAGS+=-mieee
> endif
> to the debian/rules file in the source package (right after the 
> DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE ?= ... line at the start of the file) .  So far I've 
> recompiled the kdelibs and the kdebase packages.  This is enough to get 
> Konqueor and the KOffice suite running in our lab.
> I would really like to see this made the default for all debian/rules files 
> (unless we know the code uses the FPU and can never generate any 
> denormalized, etc numbers).  The lack of it makes several programs not run at 
> all, and others that appear to be operating okay all of a sudden crash (when 
> clicking on the property box for an EPS file inserted into KPresenter for 
> example -- kind of a nasty suprise).
> Any comments?  Is this okay with the majority of you?  Is there a way I can 
> email all the maintainers to get them to add the above four lines to their 
> debian/rules files?

I strongly object. Often -mieee masks real programming errors, like
divisons by zero. I'd rather go for the following strategy: If the
programm is not time critical, and upstream is unwilling to deal with
those problems than -mieee can be added *for that package*. Otherwise
many programms run fine without or the maintainer/upstream is willing
to work those problems out. I've already reported and helped to fix
several packages which could have been "repaired" by using -mieee; and
I do not own an alpha to slow it down with -mieee just because it is
so easy to (not) fix the bugs.

So please contact the package owners in question and check if they are
aware of the problems and/or if fixes are available. Better yet, use
the BTS. In the case of large pieces of code which are only run on
destop style of computers and which are fast moving (e.g. in rapid
developement) -mieee might indeed be sensible.

If you insist on -mieee than set up an autobuilder (e.g. pbuilder or
simmilar) where you can set up specific options like this.



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