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FSL V5.0 on cpu0 on Digital Server 7305

I had a power failure and I can't get the SRM console up.

During power-up the SROM and XSROM execute OK and then I get the following
errors printed to the  :-

P0 fail 3 from0"
"P0 fail 6 from0"
then after a pause,
"P0 fail 36 from0"
"P1 fail FROM1 33"

The manual says FROM0 means flash ROM -on the EISA/PCI  motherboard.

The failsafe loader seems to be loaded because the LED on the operator
control panel says "
"FSL V5.0 on cpu0"

 but there is no output to the vga monitor.

It looks like the SRM is badly corrupted but I don't know how to proceed to
restore it with upgrade floppies without the SRM prompt.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

How to get to LFU?

Any help appreciated.


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