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Re: UP1500 Openssl speed


> > rsa 4096 bits   0.1379s   0.0022s      7.3    459.7
> > Tests done on latest *Win32* version of OpenSSL, WindowsXP.
> >
> > Quite appallingly bad isnt it? :D
> It would be fair to see the test result on the same
> P4 without HT enabled, before drawing any conclusions, as HT just divides
> the cpu up into two virtual processors. But the openssl test does not seem
> to be multithreaded.
> Juhan Ernits
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Well, my motherboard doesnt have a HT on or off toggle. Id have to change
the XP HAL to completety change the HT mode (im not going to!). I did find
however that if you run two speed tests simultaneously it gives strange
results. One test completes much faster than the other but gives a low score
( rsa 4096 bits sign of 4 vs over 7) while the other completes normally. I
suppose in some ways HT seems like having 1.5x CPUs.  Saying that, the
*combined* score is still lower than Up1500\Athlon 2666.


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