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Radeon 7000 GLX

I replaced my Matrox Millenium card with an ATi Radeon 7000 64Meg DDR
PCI card tonight, and 2D is much much nicer now.  But, i'm having a hell
of a time getting 3D rendering to work.  I compiled the kernel with
DRM/DRI stuff, and the radeon driver, and i compiled XF4.3 on my box,
but now all i have is software rendering and an unstable X server.  So i
went back to 4.1 for now.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is the card the

XFree86 4.3 was very unstable for the Matrox card aswell, is 4.3
something we should avoid?  Am I the only one having problems with it? 
4.1 with the matrox card was ROCK stable, and so far with the radeon
driver it hasnt crashed once.

Richard Fillion

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