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srm reports dva0 is an illegal device

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem please:-

I installed (and later removed) a PCI SCSI controller on my digital server
7305 and switched the CD-ROM drive.  At one point I added a SCSI hard drive
as a second device onto the CDROM cable (then later removed it).

Somewhere along the line the floppy drive started lighting up during the
boot sequence, and staying lit.

I have tried a known good floppy drive on the cable and all the connections
seem OK, but SRM is reporting it as an "illegal device".

When I do a SHOW * there are a number of variables set that I cannot find in
the SRM section of the user guide for the 7305 and I suspect they may be
declaring the device illegal.

I have the following entries that I don't understand:-

d_group field


d_passes     1

d_runtime 0

d_verbose 0

exdep_data 5555555555555555

exdep_location 0

exdep_size 0

exdep_space pmem

exdep_type 3

ffauto OFF

ffnext OFF

licence MU


pci_arbmode Round-Robin



Has anyone come across this problem with a floppy drive, could it be related
to the declared variables, how can I solve it?

Any help much appreciated.


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