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Re: acrobat reader

Joakim Roubert <jokke@df.lth.se> writes:

> Earlier I've been using the Acrobat Reader 3 on my AlphaStation 200
> (21064), and that's working fine.
> Now I installed Acrobat Reader 4.05, and get this:
> octavia:packages/Acrobat4/bin$ ./acroread
> zsh: illegal hardware instruction  ./acroread
> octavia:packages/Acrobat4/bin$
> Is this something that can be configured to work, or am I as a user
> of a 21064 system stuck to older versions?

I suppose it was simply compiled for ev56+. You could verify that with
gdb and disas. There used to be a kernel patch that emulated the
missing instructions, it would probably be relatively easy to get that
to work again. However, I'd just use xpdf :)


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