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RE: Qlogic 1040B

I surprised you didn't blow up your drives. HVD differential really can
wreak havoc on SE devices. :/

Differential SCSI is targeted more towards your higher-end storage
subsystems: Enterprise arrays, tape libraries, etc. The only smaller shelves
that come to mind that Digital made that were differential are the old
Storageworks RaidArray 230 (tan) or the the RaidArray3000 (blue). If you
have a regular BA35x shelf, then I am afraid that it's SCSI/SE only.

Your only hope on this is to get the "DWZZA" (pronounced "d-whizza") which
converts SCSI/DIFF into SCSI/SE. But I imagine those are pretty rare by now.

Good luck,

AJ Schroeder

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On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 12:38, Kelledin wrote:

> IIRC, the 1040B is a high-voltage differential (HVD) adapter.  
> SCSI is most commonly either single-ended (SCSI-1, SCSI-2, Ultra 
> SCSI) or low-voltage differential (Ultra2 or greater).  HVD was 
> a stop-gap standard between SE and LVD, and it's electrically 
> compatible with neither one.  HVD controllers only work with HVD 
> drives, and vice versa. :(
> Just to confirm this, you can either look for a "SCSI DIFF" label 
> next to the card's external SCSI port, or look for an array of 
> eight yellow resistor packs--next to the external SCSI 
> port--running parallel to the internal SCSI connectors.  Either 
> one means you've got an HVD card.

Heck, this was something I didn't know :(
I found both items on the card.
I have a DEC Storage Bay lying around with 2 4.5GB disks. Any chance to
get that woring on the Qlogic?



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