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cdrom problems

I've complained about this before, but got no results, so here i go
again. :)

I have a scsi cdrom, a scsi cdrw, and an ide cdrw on my Digital Server
3305 (same as an AlphaServer800 i think).  All three devices work.  The
CDRW used to work 100% in my Pentium, the scsi cdrom i can use perfectly
to install debian, and the scsi cdrw, well, that one i cant prove its
working perfectly.

I get the same behavior out of all three, which is: random crashes when
using them.  I mount a CD, then its wait and see.  sometimes it'll work
flawlessly, othertimes mount will not even return, and the box just
stops responding alltogether.  I can burn a CD fine with both CDRWs, but
the box crashes right after fixating the disk.  Come to think of it...i
think i can only burn with the scsi cdrw, the ide one crashes before

What i have figured out:
-it cant be a scsi problem cause i have the same problem with ide
-it cant be an ide problem cause i have the same problem with scsi
-it cant be an iso9660 problem cause i can mount iso files via loopback
without problems
-it cant be a cdrecord problem cause the problem happens when just
reading the drives too.

Maybe its a 2.4.17 kernel problem, but i cant build 2.4.16, 2.4.18, and
2.4.19, or even 2.4.20-preWhatever.  I cant seem to find anyone else who
has had similar problems as i have.  

I tried to install a *BSD on my box this weekend, i couldnt get any of
them to play nice with my debian installation on my scsi harddrive, so
out the window that option went.  I wanted to see if the problems were
there with those.

This is the only problem i have with my box, and i'd appreciate any help
at all.  I'd even be willing to give shell access to my box if that
helps in fixing it (not as root of course :P).  


Richard Fillion

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